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October nights, Album, Tape, Cloud Chamber, 2022.
The haunting, Album, Cdr, Reverb Worship, 2021.
The burning soil, Album, Tape, S/R, 2021.
Dämmerung, Homage to Katerina Golubeva, Ep, Tape, Distant Voices, 2021.
The Mansion (We Are A Ritual), Ep, Tape, Titania Tapes, 2021.
This is a sad folk recording, Ep, Tape, S/R, 2021.
Jolene, Split with Golem Mecanique, Tape, Brasov, 2021.
The Mansion (We Are A Ritual), Ep, 7", Reverb Worship/Future Grave, 2021.
Černá věž, Ep, Tape, Titania Tapes, 2020.
Sad Folk ist Krieg, Ep, Tape, Distant Voices, 2020.
Au regard de nos aurores tristes, Ep, Tape, Distant Voices, 2020.
Aux ombres, mon corps, en manifeste, Manifest album, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2019.
A simple despair to adore, Homage album, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2019.
I have learned to enjoy the forsaken lights, Ep, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2018.
The night I reel, Album, Cdr, S/R, 2018.
Denying the healers, Ep, Cdr, S/R, 2016.
This Is Funeral Folk, Album, Cdr, S/R, 2015.
Defining the leaders, Ep, Cdr, S/R, 2014.
To dye every night, Album, Cdr, Invisible Birds, 2013.
Hommage à Piet Moget, Split album, Lp+Cd+Catalogue, Annexia/Maison Salvan, 2012.
Innerly, Album, Lp+Cd, Annexia, 2012.
Lumières, ombres, voix et visages, Album, Cdr, S/R, 2011.
The birds are still the monarchs, Album, Cd, Annexia, 2009.

Nona, Decima et Morta, Album trailer for Golem Mecanique, 2020.
Racines, Short experimental horror film, 2017.
Abandonnée, Short experimental horror film, 2016.
Maison morte, Short experimental horror film, 2016.
NMDLPEFLAALE, Music video, 2016.
7.44_ltrnt, Music video, 2016.
Ultranoir, Music video, 2016.
191.8 limbes, Short experimental film, 2016.
Distant trailer, Presentation film for Distant Voices record label, 2016.
The dying water, Music video, 2016.

La Nuit, Poetry, Editions Distantes, TBP 2022.
La Forêt, Poetry, Editions Distantes, TBP 2021.
Novembre, Poetry, Editions Distantes, 2019.
Maison morte, Poetic short story, Editions Distantes, 2017.
Lys d'hier, Poetry & photography, S/P, 2011.
Eteins, scelles, Poetry, S/P, 2011.

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