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Contemporary artist.

Lives & works in Toulouse, France.
Records sad folk, experimental & funeral electronics.
Writes poetry.
Takes blurry photographs.
Shots art films.
Founder & owner of Distant Voices record label & of Les Editions Distantes.
Dances with birds at night.

On his rare stage appearances, he has opened for And Also The Trees, Barn Owl, King Dude...

His works are published by Distant Voices, Titania tapes & Brasov.

Other projects :
Daséine (Garage/Punk)
Dead Men Letters (Improvised drone)
Ghost Lab (Experimental)
Jzovce (Black metal)
lpttmrt (Suicide folk)
Misery (Depressive black metal)
Nära Livet (Primitive & cold black metal)
The Emily Dickinsons (Dark folk)
We Are A Ritual (Haunted folk)

© Thomas Bel 2021.